Sunday, February 1, 2009

a Youtube Video from the consumer queen, Please take a look at it!

There's a really neat YouTube video at the following site, it's worth the watch and see! Consumer Queen Melissa Garcia will tell you how she saves money on companies products and She'll give you her opinion on these products she has tried from the Companies, she gets free products in return for helping these companies do this. Even a laptop and flip camera she became the owner of just by trying the products and help spread the word to others. WalMart has not incorporated her into their useage. She says she doesnt get paid for doing this but does get free products from the companies, sounds like a sweet deal to me. She blogs about these products on her blog and it's a very nice and helpful idea if you ask me. I give her kudos and rate her YouTube video a 10 so why not go on over to and check out all I'm talking about. Her YouTube Video can be found to the right , there on this page. Thank you and enjoy!

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