Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lunch time

Well I dont know what to have for lunch. I know big deal, who cares lol. Lunch is usually boring around here guess I'll toss a lean cuisine meal in the micro. I'm really into the Chicken varieties and the fish entrees. They make them pretty good for being low calorie low fat but still poss quite a few carbs which is bad because they'll just go to sugar which will go to fat which translates into love handles .. grrrrrrrrr !

I Heard

my area may miss the big snow storm on Monday- Feb. 2, I'm so hoping so. I'd like to get out to get a flu shot. Should of went long ago but it didnt seem like it was of epidemic portions or anything. It seems it comes to the N.E. in a raging manner around End of Feb and March/April, anyways I am so glad my area might be somewhat spared from the HUGE storm they are forecasting, we'll see

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow has stopped yay yay yay

but we're supposed to get another snow storm passing thru here Monday I think they said. Oh no .. too much snow this winter, pretty to look at but , well you know. He(hubby) went to the store so I guess we'll be stocked up till after the next storm goes thru, hope they forecasted wrong and it goes to like New York or somewhere. Sorry all you New Yorkers

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Hubby's finally

going out to clear the walkway and mailbox. More snow's forecast, ah well wish there was some good black & white movies on now .. I'd just as soon settle in to watch them with my popcorn and soda in tow in weather like this

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You Gooooooooooooo Serena, I hope you take the Trophy and I'm so glad you and Venus already have won the Women's Doubles!! You are one Great tennis Champion and I wish you wouldnt have diverted from tennis in your fashion designing and Acting as I think you would of had many more Grand Slam Titles to your Claim and you could of went down as the Greatest women's tennis player of all time as your warranted Legacy. I hope you'll forget the designing and acting for awhile cause you can always do that later but you know that you only stay 'young' in tennis for a short time.

Weather snowy here

It's been snowing here (Eastern Coast USA) for like 6 hours and we have about 4 inches of snow. I really dont want anymore but it did produce some lovely extra puffy huge beautiful snowflakes. Is so pretty just as long as ya dont have to go out in it. Will just stay inside today and enjoy some tv and internet. Hope the roads aren't bad when my son leaves for work at 4:30, almost noon here now

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Harsh Winter

Here in the N.E. we've had a very cold and snowy and sometimes icy winter. Hope it soon ends or at least changes somewhat. It's January 30th and looks like there's no silver lining yet but maybe on Groundhog Day(3 more days) the cute little furry Mr. know-all will help us out. We can only hope! I dont mind cold weather but anything under 20 degrees gets too bone-chilling for me.

Spam is Popular in Hawaii

Who would of thunk? I heard on the Travel Channel .. they even use it in Bakery type products. I like Spam but I don't think I'd like it in any kind of cake, pie or pastry but then I've never tried it, he he