Monday, February 2, 2009

groundhog day ..

I haven't heard if he saw his shadow yet. I dont really go for whatever he might say, you can never trust a groundhog as far as you can throw him, (well toss him gently) love all animals actually:)
Its been warmer here oh maybe 30 degrees out now but boy does it feel good after all that near zero degree weather and all the snow and what not, so I`m a happy camper right now for the most part.
Sinuses are trying to act up again, have had a huge problem since nov. 2007 but have handled it pretty good without having to see a dr. , all they want usually is to take your money well I can throw my money into herbal and natural ways of helping my sinuses than fill their already money lined pockets, he he
Anyways have a good day to all who are seeing my blog, hope I dont bore you too much ;)

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