Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bachelorette ... Ali you made the wrong choice

I feel Chris would die for you, what greater love could anyone have for anyone else? When he told you HE loved you on the patio in that one episode ... even I could feel he meant it whole-heartedly but then no one can make your heart feel what it doesn't. You chose the package and not the emotions- Roberto the package and Chris the the guy with feelings and emotions ... which Chris had so much more than Roberto. Chris seems like a man with a heart and soul and one with a golden heart at that. I feel sad you didn't pick Chris only because how broken he was when you told him hang in there. You should of cried so hard on his shoulder and told him you shouldn't of even brought Him this far instead of saying hang in there, not an appropriate thing to say but that's my opinion. As you know you would of let him(Chris) go the week Frank left but Frank fixed that by leaving you first. I know you'll never see this Ali but if you do I hope Chris will still be around when you and Roberto break up(if you 2 do)I hope Chris finds a good sweet little girl and will even be the next bachelor. I'll be cheering the poor guy on!

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